Connecting two conferences

Hi folks i’ve a question… for a special reason i want to connect two separate meetme conference rooms and i’m wondering how i can do that … have you any idea?

the best i’d like just to put a new callfile in the outgouing dir and two conferences connect so that all of one conference can hear the memebers of the other conference and vice-versa.

An idea of how it should look like is this:

(With this configuration it would be possible for user a to talk to B and C but B and C can’t talk to each other - i need this for special reasons


Does it need to be conferences ?
could you just monitor the channels?


what means “to monitor” a channel …

what i need is especially that one user can talk to many conferences or in other words that a scenario like the following is possible:

userA can talk with userB
userB can talk with userA
userA can talk with userC
userC can talk with userA
userC can’t talk with userB and vice versa BUT userC hears what userA says to userB
userB can’t talk with userC and vice versa BUT userB hears what userA says to userC

at the same time it sould be possible for userC to talk to another userD and vice versa but userA only hears what userC says to userD not what userD answers

i hope that makes clear what i need …

my scope is more computer game than an voip solution but i hope i can use asterisk as basis because it’s incredible fast :smile:


Have a look at … md+ChanSpy


I don’t have a ready to go solution for what you want but I think it is worth while to study the option of using local channels. I know you can use this to fork calls and maybe it is possible to join 2 conferences at the same time and connectiong the conferences this way.

i looked at the documentation for a while and i don’t know if i got it right …

it seems so me that with local channels i can call two extensions at the same time, right or wrong?

so it would be sufficiant to me if a user can call more than one konferences at the same time … is this possible? and can someone give me a small hint/example howto do that?

I have done some testing and I think this is the beginning of a solution of what you are looking for and it is the answer to another post. This is real Asterisk Magic. What happens is that when someone calls in first the phone number used in intern1 and the number in intern2 join conference in room 9000 and then the one calling in. I have tested it and it is working. There is a lot to improve but the concept is working with just a couple of lines. You can add as many phones as you like and have them called at once. I assume that this also works with zaptel and sip phone lines.

Check the documentation of MeetMe() to set the proper parameters and don’t forget to add room 9000 to meetme.conf. Please keep us informed about improvements

exten => inbound,1,MeetMe(9000,M))
exten => inbound,n,Hangup()
exten => intern1,1,Dial(IAX2/Voop5xxxx@voop_plaza/0621xxxxxx,20,tM(meetme_test))
exten => intern2,1,Dial(IAX2/Voop5xxxx@voop_plaza/0627xxxxxx,20,tM(meetme_test))

exten => s,1,Meetme(9000)
exten => s,n,Hangup()

exten => 0307xxxxxx,1,Dial(local/intern1@meetme&local/intern2@meetme,10,r)
exten => 03071xxxxx,2,Dial(local/inbound@meetme/n,10,r)