MeetMe application will not install

OK, First off I’m REALLY new to suse and to asterisk. I’ve been thrown into the fire to figure out why the MeetMe application won’t install or work. I’ve done the make menuselect and tried to install it, however it is xxx out saying requires dundhi driver. I have no idea how to install the drivers!! I’m running asterisk with suse 11.4. PLEASE HELP !!!

On a side note if anyone can tell me why my dial by name directory will not match any entry i try, that would be great too. All it does is starts the directory .wav files when i enter the letters it comes back with no entries found, however i can dial straight to an extension

I’ve added these lines to the extensions.conf file and the meetme.conf file


conf => 2663
conf => 701199
conf => 701299
conf => 701338
conf => 702799

exten => 2663,1,MeetMe(2663,i,xxxx)
exten => 9911,1,MeetMe(9911,i,xxxx)
exten => 9912,1,MeetMe(9912,i,xxxx)
exten => 9913,1,MeetMe(9913,i,xxxx)
exten => 9927,1,MeetMe(99278,i,xxxx)
exten => _2663,1,Meetme(2663)
exten => _9911,1,Meetme(701199|MxTsa)
exten => _9912,1,Meetme(701299|MxTsa)
exten => _9913,1,Meetme(701399|MxTsa)
exten => _9927,1,Meetme(702799|MxTsa)
exten => _9920,1,Meetme(702099|MxTsa)
exten => _9921,1,Meetme(702199|MxTsa) … 4.1.tar.gz

Thats from the download page. Theres a README in there, just a couple lines.

After you have that installed, then you can recompile asterisk and should be available. dont forget to start the dahdi service after installing everything.

It is possible that menuconfig is now wrong, as I believe the latest version can get its timing without using dahdi. Also, there is an alternative conferencing application that doesn’t need timing.

However, running Asterisk without some timing source will almost certainly result in choppy voice announcements, tones, and music on hold.

I thought it was that you must have a timing source for Meetme to work at all. Will not even install without dahdi. If you do not have any cards that can provide that timing source then when dahdi is started it will use a dummy module to simulate this.

I’ve installed the dahdi driver, and re-compiled everything that worked thank !!!

You must have a timing source, but the latest Asterisk code is supposed to be able to get timing directly from the OS. There is some confusion as to whether that option or the dahdi option are currently broken for some purposes.

If you use the current dahdi, you do not need dahdi-dummy, as the core dahdi code now provides the fallback timing source.