Call conference is not work?

i configured meetme.conf file & extensions.conf file

conf => 333,1234

exten => 123,1,Answer()
exten => 123,2,Meetme(333,DpM,1234)

but this is not work

asterisk terminal indicates “No application ‘Meetme’ for extension (home, 123, 2)”

Please give me a configuration files for asterisk 1.4.24 or solution…


Before asterisk will compile MeetMe, it needs to detect either Dahdi or Zaptel when you do ./configure before compiling. Download Dahdi-Linux and Dahdi-Tools and build and install both. Then go back and ./configure asterisk again, make all, make install.

Once that is done, you can verify the MeetMe module is loaded by either looking in /var/lib/asterisk/modules for or you can use the asterisk CLI> “module show like MeetMe”.

THANK YOU Very much it works very nicely :laughing: