Meetme across servers

Hello everyone.

I am working with asterisk Meetme application. My goal is to have have multiple asterisk boxes across the LAN/WAN and connect same active conferences running on different boxes together.

I was successful doing so, using .call file and creating an IAX2 trunk between the two servers.
Every thing works fine till now.

But if i want to use the ‘w’, ‘A’, and ‘a’ options for the conference, they work for within the same box but can not be passed on through the IAX2 trunk to the meetme on other server.
example, If user 1(normal user) calls on Server A for conference 1111, and User 2(normal user) calls on Server B for conference 1111, an IAX2 trunk is created between server A and B bridging the two conf, as the conf is with leader wait option both the user are listening to music on hold.
Now user 3 (Admin user) arrives on server B.
User 2 and 3 are able to speak and listen, but user 1 on the other server A still listens to the music, as if the Admin has not yet arrived.
I hope i have explained it properly.
I am using *1.6 and Zaptel 1.4.9 with Digium Te412p card

Do someone have any idea, how i can resolve this issue,
Help Appreciated…