Calls between 2 Asterisk servers


We have 2 asterisk servers with Digium old PCI 410p cards with 4 span in each of them. Is it possible to call between both the servers. i.e Server A calls to server B(2 spans can be used), it answers and plays a sound file and hangs up. Similar way Server B calls to Server A (other 2 spans for this).

Thanks in advance
Mike M

Yes it is possible . you can connect them through SIP or IAX trunk

Hello, if yours server have public IP, you can connect both servers with SIP or IAX trunk.

If your server have private IP, you may also, but will need a dynamic DSN service. Such as DYNDNS.


Thank you very much omid_mohajerani and magnusbilling for the replies.

Actually am looking at using the E1 (I was able do the the SIP part) to transmit the calls as in production environment. I mean E1 trunk should be transmitting the call instead of LAN/WAN (as in SIP/IAX2 ). Both the servers are connected through E1 crossover cable(Server A->E1.span1 connected to Server B->E1.span2). I think LAN or Network connectivity is irrelevant to transmit the calls.

Thanks again…
Mike M