Hi guyz. Does anyone knows how to implement conference between remote users(mobile phones), user on a remote asterisk server and user on a local server. Is this possible?? Thankz Guyz

anyone knows how to implement this? Really need ur help guyz

do you already have iax configured between the two servers ?
Meetme takes all of 1.4 seconds to setup… simply configure meetme.conf, an extension for it in extension.conf, and use whichever best-case method you have to bring the users into the conference-hosting asterix box… If you have iax between the asterisk servers then just setup iax.conf and extensions.conf to send the meetme extension to the remote pbx. Else, just have it dial out and access the remote pbx via the cloud. As far as can it accomodate your conference, most definetely; and the configuration is lilliputian at best.

yeah i configured the IAX trunk between the two servers. the problem is i’m using asterisk@home AMP. It has built in the WebMeetMe Conference but i just can connect the local user not from a remote user. One more thing … can i connect a mobile phone user to the conference from a remote location? thankz guyz!