Connecting 4 Asterisk servers

Hi everyone,
I consider connecting 4 Asterisk servers in cloud. I’d like to achieve connection between servers and the exchange of user’s contacts (ability to make calls from user from e.g. server 1 to user from e.g. server 3). Does anyone know how to achieve it? Maybe some hints?
Thank you in advance.

A regular SIP trunk connection between server, and the correct context configuration would be enough for the communication part between servers, make sure you set the correct AOR setting for each server.

In general for trunking calls between Asterisk servers, chan_iax2 is the best way to do it, with trunk=yes. Not sure what you mean by “exchange of user’s contacts” though.

IAX2 have the advantage of using a single port, for signaling and media, and that is a great benefit, but the IAX2 channel driver does not receive the constant upgrades and improvement that PJSIP does, and in terms of functionalities and documentation PJSIP is too much better,

Encryption is also dead simple, I’d say those are the main things, yeah.

IAX2 doesn’t see much attention because there’s no need. It works well for what it does. There have been some patches as needed to address things, but it’s not like there’s a need for constant extensions to the protocol, it’s stable at what it was intended for: trunking.

Ease of debugging, I guess we’ll agree to disagree :wink:

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