Masking PRI number

I am looking for a solution to mask pri number and show the original caller number when call is forwarded to a mobile number.
for example:
When A customer(Mobile: 9999999990) calls to PRI and pri transfer/forward the calls to an agent, can i show the customer mobile number to the agent in place of PRI number.

kindly help

Anshul Porwal

Register yourself with your government telecoms regulator as a telecoms network operator, as generally only they are likely to be allowed to set arbitrary CLI values.

The most that a responsible network operator will allow for a normal customer is to pre-register a set of CLI values for which the customer has proved that they control the number.

(The number of bogus numbers on phone spam suggests there are VoIP operators that don’t act responsibly.)

Generally Asterisk will already forward the incoming CLI on the outgoing leg, although I’m not sure what it sets the screened status to, by default. (Screened means that the forwarder of the CLI is claiming to have verified it as valid.)