IVR call forwarding

Hi, I have one basic question

When forwarding a customer call from the IVR(asterisk) to an agent GSM mobile number whether the agent would able to view the customer’s mobile number on his phone or the PRI number?
Actually, the customer is calling a toll-free number, from the toll-free number calls are routed to the PRI number.


Asterisk provides mechanisms to read DTMF and control dialplan execution, not IVRs; do you actually need support for FreePBX, which layers IVRs on top of Asterisk?

Asterisk can forward the customer’s number; in fact if you use Read and WaitExten, that is the default behaviour. However most service providers will either reject the number or flag it as “unscreened”, to protect callee’s against forged numbers. Some of those will allow you to prove that the number belongs to you, but that is not going to be relevant in this case.

Some additional complications arise if using SIP, because of the need to identify that the call should be billed to you, but it sounds as though you are using ISDN, os your identity is established by the physical line.

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Thank you David sir for the information

Could you please help me to understand what are the configuration file /configuration changes needs to do for routing calls(calls coming through a particular PRI line) from Asterisk server to a phone number?


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