Management extension not allow spy call by chanspy feature

i has been configure the chanspy to track all the agent call as below parameter. this feature allow track all the extension. may i know how we can exclude boss extension to get spy from this feature?

exten => 555,1,Macro(user-callerid)
exten => 555,2,Authenticate(1234)
exten => 555,3,Read(SPYNUM,agent-newlocation)
exten => 555,4,ChanSpy(SIP/${SPYNUM})

Appreciate your response

I think you can use option g
grp - Only spy on channels in which one or more of the groups listed in grp matches one or more groups from the SPYGROUP variable set on the channel to be spied upon.

Im still not understand this SPYGROUP, can give some sample? For my environment, all the agent extension are below to 1XX, 2XX,3XX and my management extension will be 1XXX,2XXX,3XXX.

Only listens to channels where the channel variable ${SPYGROUP} is set to grp. ${SPYGROUP} can contain a : separated list of values.

here you have a quick example

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