SpyExten - i whisper to caller not to agent


I have configured queue with two members. When supervisor would like to hear and wisper to agent then he hear a caller instead agent. Has aonyone any idea why ?

You should provide the dialplan and Asterisk logs when this is happening.
However it looks like your spying on caller channel and not the Agent channel.

–Satish Barot

Exactly. But i invoke extenspy(300) where 300 is my agent exten

So you mean your supervisor doesn’t hear Agent?
Any chance you have W option enabled on ExtenSpy?
W - Enable private whisper mode, so the spying channel can talk to the spied-on channel but cannot listen to that channel.
However, you should provide your dialplan if you wish others to help you

i am idiot. I mean i could hear both of them. Agent and caller, but i whisper to caller not to my agent. That is my issue. I change the topic name

I tend to think that you are looking for [ChanSpy]. However I wouldn’t suggest anything as you haven’t provided relevant dialplan snippet for your issue.

here is my dialplan

exten => _*XXX,1,Noop(Podsluchuje)
same => n,ExtenSpy(${EXTEN:1},e(301:302:303))

If you look at ExtenSpy it works on "Only channels created by outgoing calls for the specified extension will be selected for spying."
As I suggested, I feel you are looking for ChanSpy

Change your code to make it look like below and see

exten => _*XXX,1,Noop(Podsluchuje)
same => n,ChanSpy(SIP/${EXTEN:1},e(301:302:303))

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You were right with it. I changed extenspy to chanspy and it works well