ChanSpy, SPYGROUPS and the "g" option

Hello all,

After searching high and low for an understanding of ChanSpy I have found no anwer that works for me.

I would really like some help, I am patient, not an idiot and can read - which means I have read the ChanSpy help and application from the CLI :wink:

A few warnings - I am new to Asterisk, but have been working with Cisco VoIP for many years now. My dial plan is inherited and in my opinion…it’s a mess that I cannot clean up just yet. Asterisk is being used just as a gateway or VoIP provider - basically a bridge to another system to allow SoftPhones to be used.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish with my Asterisk 1.4.21 VoIP gateway using Teliax to provide a phone number for an external caller to dial and listen to their SPYGROUP or range of extensions only. Myself and another have been working on this for some time now and we have accomplished the following:

[li]Have inbound caller enter a 4 digit “{PINCODE}”[/li]
[li]Have inbound caller enter a 4 digit “{EXTEN}” they would like to monitor[/li]
[li]Each PIN is tied to a range of extensions - Check the PIN/EXTEN combo to ensure valid and then using Goto begin ChanSpy[/li][/ul]

So with the right PIN/EXTEN combo Teliax caller can listen to THAT one call in progress…if it is indeed in progress :stuck_out_tongue: and then hangup, rinse, lather, repeat for each Extension to be monitored.

Here is what I am really looking for that I just cannot for the life of me figure out!

[li]As each softphone registers, put it in a SPYGROUP (or just set SPYGROUPS based on a range of phone extensions)[/li]
[li]Inbound caller enters PIN[/li]
[li]Inbound caller enters ChanSpy in Scan mode where he/she can press * to cycle through all available SIP/ that are in that specific SPYGROUP.[/li][/ul]

To me it looks like I may need some help with the channelspy.c application and then recompile, I may be wrong, but this just got out of my league :laughing:

Any takers?

My sincere thanks and appreciation for taking the time to read this in advance.

Daniel S. Gurrola II

So…how do I get this moved to Asterisk Support?

I just noticed I posted in General. My Bad and Appologies.