Making SIP extension ring with Distinctive (multi-) ring

I want a sip extension to get a distinctive ring. Double ring to be exact.

Is there a way to get this to work?

if or how it will work is based on the phone/ata. Generally you do this by setting a SIP header, ie set the alert-info header to be Bellcore-DR4 for example for ring pattern 4. You may also need to configure the phone or ATA. Check the documentation that comes with your phone or ATA for more details…

How DO I get Asterisk to send an alert-info header of Bellcore-DR4?

I did find from that double ring is:

1s on, 750s off, 1s on, 4s off.

I changed the ring pattern in the ATA for this, and it did not make a difference. The SIP call still rang with 2s on, 4s off.

What about the the indications.conf file? Does this have any impact on SIP ringing behaviour? I am trying to understand what is explained in … tions.conf about indications.conf and SIP calls.

Also at … P+channels an example of:

exten => s,1,Dial(Zap/1r2) ; Ring extension on channel 1 with distinctive ring #2

implies a SIP/2110r2 would ring SIP extension 2110 with distinctive ring #2? But where is r2 defined?

you cant do r2 on a SIP channel because the ringing is generated by the phone. On a ZAP channel the r2 works because it simply pulses the ringing voltage in a different pattern, which makes the phone ring differently, creating a distinctive ring. with SIP, the ringing (or lack thereof) is completely up to the phone. So you have to tell the phone to use a different ring.

exten => whatever,1,SIPAddHeader(“Alert-Info: somethign here”)

how exactly that will work depends on your phone. has examples for most phones, so look up your phone there and you should have an example.

Often it will be
Bellcore-DRn or