Distinctive Rings

Hello all!

Is there anyone who would know if asterisk support distinctive rings?

Let’s say I want a special ring for a dedicated phone number, can I?

Just asking… I’ve been playing with asterisk for about a month now (like 12 hours a day!), I’ve learn a lot (there’s sooooooo much to learn), and was curious about the distinctive rings since I didn’t read that anywhere and didn’t see any asterisk installation who had this feature…

My guess is that this can be done via the indications.conf file, but then what? Playtones(MyNewTone) at startup of my extension I want to ring?

Are you talking about incoming or outgoing?


exten => 666,1,SIPAddHeader(“Alert-Info: http://ip-address/sound.wav”)
exten => 666,2,Dial(SIP/voipphone,60)

actually it depends of what kind of phones you are using… SIPAddHeader could be a solution for sip phones (although what you have to specify in the header changes from phones to phones)…
Anyway, setting the dialplan variable ALERT_INFO should be more general… but still the content varies from phone to phone…

[quote=“ianplain”]Are you talking about incoming or outgoing?


Incoming! …
The SIP header is not a bad ideas, but the thing is that we won’t be using SIP all the time…

So basically what I’m wondering is if a call comes in a specified DID, is it possible to make it ring differently…??


I have a Sipura 2000 connected to my Asterisk box. I use A@H. The code I use (in my extensions_custom.conf) to do what you are asking is:

exten => 5058908580,1,NoOp(Incoming Call (505) 890-8580)
exten => 5058908580,n,Background(Ring)
exten => 5058908580,n,Set(__ALERT_INFO=Bellcore-r3)
exten => 5058908580,n,Dial(local/210@from-internal,45)
exten => 5058908580,n,VoiceMail(210@default)
exten => 5058908580,n,Hangup

Of course the important part is the third line, which tells the Sipura how to ring the attached phone.

For the Sipura, you can set the Alert_Info variable from Bellcore-r1 to Bellcore-r8, I believe.

Hope this helps!