Distinctive Ring to Internal FXS Extension

I am trying to send a different ring cadence to my internal extension(s) based on what FXO line was called.
For example:
If a call comes in on 555-1346, use a standard 2000/4000 ring cadence. If a call comes in on 555-6431, use a 500/500/500/500/2000/2000 (ie: long distance on Bell Canada) cadence.

Is this possible in the current version of Asterisk? If not, is this functionality in the works?

Many thanks in advance.


Here’s a start on answering your question.

I use a Linksys PAP2 (clone of a sipura 200X) for my FXS port. In my dial plan, I issue the command

	exten => s,n,set(_ALERT_INFO=${DISTINCT_RING})

Where ${DISTINCT_RING} is set to the value bellcore-rn, with n being an integer from 1 to 7 (e.g., set(_ALERT_INFO=bellcore-r5))

This causes asterisk to set the SIP header value for ALERT_INFO that causes the PAP2 to use a specific ring. I believe I could edit the ring tone definitions on the PAP2 along the lines of the specific cadences you mention, though I haven’t actually tried that.

This works fine with all my vanilla analogue phones connected to the PAP2s.

Hopefully you have an analogous capability with your FXS interface and phones. I think a search of voip-info.org and/or the asterisk-user mailing list will turn up a bunch of hits on ALERT_INFO and/or _ALERT_INFO.


Thanks for your reply, John.

Since one of my Asterisk server CPUs died on me last night, I haven’t been able to test it, but will this functionality work on a directly connected FXS port such as my TDM31B card or will it only work with SIP signalled FXO/S ATAs?




Good question. Sorry, don’t have any experience with those cards. Let us know if it works.