Making a single legged call to SIP device (for recording purposes)

Hi Folks,
I have an asterisk installation that has its calls recorded by another device via port mirroring on the ethernet switch. This works fine.
A new requirement has turned up: there are now some SIP radio adapters in the mix and it is desired to record radio activity. Recordings happen fine if a phone is used to dial up the SIP adapters (which auto answer the call), however I would like to originate calls from asterisk to the radio adapters without any other phones being involved. I need a sort of dummy endpoint within asterisk for the radio adapters to send their media to so it gets recorded.
Is this a job for the local channel? Are there any things to watch out for? I shall probably be using AMI to originate the calls.

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Yes, a Local channel can be used for this or the channel can be directly originated and sent into the dialplan. These are both things many people do so there’s no real things to watch out for.

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