Calling from SIP Phone to Radio Locally‏

We are trying to establish communication between a radio and a SIP user locally. Both radio and SIP phone are users of an asterisk exchange with no intervention of Allstar, Echolink etc. We have configured our system according to the link … 00788.html
and now we are able to call from radio to the local SIP user. We are trying to do it in the reverse direction i.e. to enable a SIP user to call a radio. Can anyone please help us how can we configure this?

Thanks and Regards
Sarosh and Amber

This is a very specialist question. I suspect you will have a better chance of finding anyone with any knowledge in this area on an amateur radio related forum.

Even on an amateur radio forum, you will get a better response if you provide details of what you have tried, e.g. configuration files used, interconnect wiring, radio hardware, and computer interface hardware, so that the question becomes: what am I still doing wrong?

If this is commercial use of amateur radio technology, please make that clear, up front.