Make menuselect can not select app_rxfax & app_txfax

Hi, everybody

I would like to install fax module on asterisk . I hope to use spandsp for my trial . Following on instruction from internet , I install tiff module , xml2 module & spandsp module . Patch asterisk.patch on my asterisk src . But , when i use ‘make menuselect’ on OS prompt, I find app_rxfax & app_txfax still disply XXX ; I am assurance I can get tiff lib & spandsp lib. But it still display XXX. I would like to know how do menuselect check dependency ? and why my menuselect is not work ?

BTW, my tiff lib version is 3.6.1 and my spandsp version is 0.0.4 .

Have any comments for me ?