Can't use ReceiveFAX on Asterisk 13

I’m using Asterisk 13.6, installed from ports on FreeBSD 10.2.
At the moment of ReceiveFAX execution I get error:
res_fax.c: Could not locate a FAX technology module with capabilities (RECEIVE)
res_fax.c: Unable to reserve FAX session.

CLI> module show like fax
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level Generic FAX Applications 0 Running core
1 modules loaded

root@myserver:/ # pkg info | grep spandsp
spandsp-0.0.6 DSP library and software FAX machine

So spandsp is installed.
How to solve the problem?

Your Asterisk has not been built with a fax module, despite spandsp being installed. How was Asterisk installed? From source or a package? If from source are the spandsp development headers installed?

Asterisk was installed from freebsd ports. Which module do I need? And how can I buid Asterisk with it on FreeBSD? I’m asking this because I can’t run menuselect in FreeBSD:
root@myserver:/usr/ports/net/asterisk13 # make menuselect
make: don’t know how to make menuselect. Stop

The project does not support or create the port of Asterisk 13 for FreeBSD so I can’t speak for how to do it from ports. The module you need to build is res_fax_spandsp. Downloading the Asterisk source code and following the normal build procedure MAY work, but it may not. FreeBSD just isn’t something anyone actively works on.

Sorry for inadvertence. There is option “SpanDSP faxing support” in “make config” menu. All works finely.