Low cost *@home

I’m researching a cheap way to build a dedicated Asterisk@home server for a friend (who knows 1000x more than me about PBX, but far less about Linux systems).

My original thought was to setup an embedded server. … … has anyone setup an embedded (i.e. PowerPC 405 333MHz, no hard drive, 64MB RAM) before? I assume this would mean I’d need to recompile the * source for this CPU, and probably do a bunch of other junk to port it to a system without a hard drive.

So maybe that’s not the best idea. Can anyone recommend a low-cost, small linux box to setup an *@home server?



walking around elctronics and computer stores, I recently saw a mainboard w/cpu (probably amd duron) for 25 euros at a surplus store. Add a power supply, fan, some ram …
Just a thought


Thanks for the suggestion. I think this is my best resource (FYI in case someone else finds this thread)

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … ed+systems

If you are just looking for super cheap, I think there is a version of Asterisk that will run on a Linksys WTRG54 cable/DSL router.


I do not have any experience doing this but thought it might be a fit for what you are trying to do.

You can pick up routers like this on eBay for like $25-30 or pretty much anywhere new for $59 US or so, it may not get any cheaper than that!

this is what I am doing.

run it on Xbox. Get a used one on ebay or from a friend who get bored about those games. It IMO is just the right mix in terms of CPU(Celeron 733), memory(64M).

I thought about running it on my WRT54G but it is just too restricted(the GS model should be better), though it does save some power(I believe 5W vs 50W) and is dead quiet(Xbox is not bad either comparing to a standard PC).

The only thing I am looking for is a console SIP/IAX client that can handle the crippled audio chip on Xbox(which is fixed at 48000Hz) so I can have sort of a PA system on it. Right now, I need to attach an USB audio + speaker for this function.