Small hardware unit

I do not wish to run a full PC to power the asterix pbx - but simply want an inexpensive hobbiest type solution for a couple lines. I have a NSLU2 unit but wondered what other embedded type options there are that I can look at. Is there a list somewhere? I would like to buy a general purpose linux box that is small and compact and doesn’t use much power. I don’t need anything like a quad core box. Just something small, simple and preferably highly configurable.

I will want to attach perhaps a Linksys spa3102 to it, maybe hard drive storage for voicemails, and such. It would not be bad to use it for other types of services too. Any ideas? The main thing is I dont want a large computer sitting there taking power and taking up all types of space. Ideally it could also be a media server. Cost? It depends. Something under 500 for sure - even less would be good. I can remotely log into the unit so vga capabilities is not a real issue.

Is there a list somewhere of small linux type boxes that are used for these types of purposes?


I’m pretty sure DD-WRT has the ability to run asterisk. Can pick up a small DD-WRT capable router (Some have USB ports for external storage) and use that.

Ok - which model would be best? Are you sure DD-WRT runs Asterix? I thought that was more of a router firmware and not a PBX firmware. It would be very nice to have both. I am currently running Tomato on a Linksys router which is based on DD-WRT I thought - but there is no mention of Asterix in it. I am very confused now - please help!!

I need to be able to receive calls from both FWD, and Broadvoice - but running just the Sipura 3000 it only seems to allow to receive calls from one SIP provider. I think I need an Asterix box - is this correct?

Please provide as much details as possible. I am trying to get into this but find the whole thing a bit confusing.


There is a version of the DD-WRT that runs asterisk.
Check here

You could also run a alix2 machine
There is a version with m0n0wall (a firewall) and asterisk combined here

Good place to start reading is the Astersik TFOT book here … -thumbnail

Hope that helps a little