Looking for Team or Individual to Help Develop an Android Gateway Voice Line Program Based on Asterisk

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a team or individual who can help me develop a new Android gateway voice line program based on the Asterisk software. The program should have the following features:
1 The display language of the application should be Simplified Chinese.
2 Phone A can control Phone B to make a call to Phone C, enabling normal communication between Phone A and Phone C.
3 The call record of Phone B should be hidden.
4 Phone A can control Phone B to make a call to a phone number of their choice (Phone C is not a fixed number), which can be entered by Phone A and then dialed out by Phone B.
5 The program needs to be encrypted to prevent it from being hacked by others. The program’s server should also have strong defenses to prevent it from being attacked and restrict its usage.
If you or your team have experience in developing similar applications and would be interested in working on this project, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you.

Sounds a lot like phone scam.

If A wants to talk to C then B is not needed unless B is to be tricked. Of course, C sees that B called, but B shouldn’t know about it.


It is a telephony program that transforms an Android phone into a voice gateway device. It can be controlled remotely to make calls

Why is B not allowed to see these calls?

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