Google Voice + Asterisk + Dialup?

Hello everyone! I’m just getting started with Asterisk because I found out it can be used with Google voice. My initial thought was phone service (which I still intend to do), but late last night I had the thought of setting up a dialup server in a similar way. Would it be possible for Asterisk (or some other software) to terminate Google Voice, and then pass that on via software, ethernet, or a modem, to a dialup server? Maybe I’m asking this in the wrong place, but I figured this would be a good place to start. Let me know. Thanks!

Please use a subject that summarises the question, so that one has an idea what is being asked without looking at the article.

Assuming dialup service means the PSTN voice network, that is certainly technically possible. Whether it is actually permitted will depend on the terms of service of both the PSTN operator and Google.

I’m not sure what the business model for Google voice is. That might determine whether Google would be happy with such an arrangement.

You may also need some sort of public telecommunications operator’s licence, from you government, particularly if both callers and callees are outside your organisation.

Not exactly. I was refering to dialup internet service (for private use), so when I’m traveling I’d be able to use my cell phone or other modem to call my Google Voice number and have a linux server pickup the call to connect me to the internet. I’ve setup a private dialup server before with a regular phone line, but have dropped the phone line because the cost didn’t justify the convienence. My question is, is this possible using Asterisk’s capability to connect Google Voice, by “forewarding” the incoming call to either software (such as the mgetty + pppd combo on my old server), or to a hardware modem on the asterisk server, and then connect that to a modem on a second machine, at which point I already know how to configure the second machine to accept the connection?

The OS can do this. I don’t think Asterisk has any specific support for this.