Looking for someone who uses Asterisk for conferencing

I’m building a conferencing system using Asterisk, and ARI.
Before I can continue with the development, my boss has asked me to find someone who uses asterisk for a conferencing platform to find out the viability.

I havent use ARI for conferencing system, but I have done complex system using Confbridge and AMI as well AGI, so what it is your doubt ?

The questions are about the capacity and quality of mixing.

capacity and quality of mixing it is relative to your system resources and configuration. Confbridge provides some option for maximizing Performance you can read it on this link Me personally I havent found issue with confbridge and using it every day on excesive work load

When you say excessive workload, how is your system configured? What are the number of conferences/callers are you getting?

On my current (non-asterisk) platform i have about 300 callers in about 50 conferences, and I expect similar volume. The Asterisk server I’m planning is running 4 x 2.4ghz processors, 16gb, 750 mbps network.

Thank you for your input

That seems to ba fair, make sure to rn Asterisk with a higher priority and monitor your system resouces,

Thanks ambiorixg12,

Could you give me an idea of the volume and configuration you currently use?

My volume it is smaller than your, there is not mathematical formula to determine the Asterisk server dimensioning or at least I dont know such formula. I suggest test on your end and add work load and monitor your system resouces using top command