Anyone have any experience with Cox Sip Trunking?

I’m trying to work out who would be a good provider of Sip trunks - and I’ve come across Cox Sip Trunking. I can only find their promotional material - anyone here have any experience with them?

The reason I’m thinking about Cox is that they provide our internet connection (and we are leasing space in a building and can only have Cox or, even worse, Verizon DSL) and I’m thinking if the same outfit is providing transport I might have less problems.

We are a small medical practice with 8 pots lines, connected to 8 phones & fax. Obviously we don’t need call center level inbound.

So - opinions on both quality and price, please.

Im still super new Asterisk myself but Ive used CableONE to run VOIP for a long time with no issue overall. Cox is a solid provider and if they can provide your with bandwidth and support- that wouldnt be a bad option.