Looking For 2x FXO Gateway

I’m looking for a 2x FXO gateway and seem to be having a hard time. I see things like

Grandstream HT-502

But it’s FXS. Grandstream also has a 1x FXS plus 1x FXO which I guess could work with a FXS->FXO converter. But why am I having a hard time finding a 2x FXO to attach to my network?



Here’s the other device:

Grandstream HT-503

The Audiocodes MediaPack series should work for you. MP-114 or MP-118, which support 4 to 8 ports and can be a combination of FXO and FXS ports.

I have used them both with all FXO ports.


Really, all FXO? The literature I am finding describes the MP-114 as 2xFXS and 2xFXO. Are they flexible? Then what about the MP-112? That is described as 2xFXS only. What I really want is 2xFXO to attach two analog phone lines to an Asterisk setup.

I can find inexpensive 1xFXS+1xFXO boxes like the Grandstream HT-503

HT-503 on Amazon

So I was thinking of using that along with one FXS->FXO converter. Does that make sense?

Instead of the FXS/fxo converter I would do two of those gateways. Don’t over complicate it.

The mp112 is only FXS, i haven’t used that, but the mp118 I have with 8fxo. The mp114 I’m using with two lines only, but I was pretty certain it had 4fxo ports and no FXS (I’ll have to double check when I get a chance next time).

Ah now I’m seeing it. Looks like they have variations of both the 114 and 118 with 2x/2x and 4x/4x and then all FXO.

All FXO Version of MP-114

But I’m not seeing an all FXO version of the MP-112. Only FXS.

So it looks like two of the Grandstream HT503 would be the easiest and cheapest way to go. It’ll burn two ethernet ports But the switch I’ve already ordered will have enough ports.

The MP112 only comes in FXS, I haven’t seen any FXO variant for it.

Why would it burn two ethernet ports? They are all on IP, so you put a switch in between them all and use one ethernet port. I have my MP118 and MP114 and my PBX connected over point-to-point links, that are all almost 20kms long.

I was unclear. 2x HT503 would mean two ethernet ports. That’s why I would love something like an all FXO MP112. Only one ethernet and only one device to configure. But such a beast doesn’t seem to exist. The MP114 is also $300 or $350. 2x HT503 should be about $120.

Yes but regardless if you have one or two devices, on the pbx server it would still use one port. There is no need to have the devices connect individually to the pbx, they can be on one subnet and connect via a switch.

Are you planning something different for your layout?

Okay, what? I’m talking about Ethernet ports on the switch. If I have two HT-503s they will require two Ethernet ports on the switch for connectivity. As for “ports” inside Asterisk, I have no idea. I’m not there yet. I’m trying to figure out what hardware to buy so I can setup a phone system.

They require one Ethernet port on the switch and, if using twisted pair, an Ethernet hub outside the switch.

Wow, we’ve wandered way off into the tulies here. Twisted pair as opposed to what? These modules are copper only. There’s no fiber or WiFi on an HT-506. And what do you mean by and Ethernet hub outside the switch?

Thanks for copying the wiki entry. I could have looked it up myself. But it’s my mistake for using unclear language that didn’t differentiate ethernet from twisted pair copper. My bad. I actually taught this stuff for Sun Microsystems years ago so I do know better. Plus you never answered my question when I asked you to explain just what you meant. Why don’t we let it all go. All I want to do is learn about something I don’t know much about: IP telephony and Asterisk.

The forum copied the entry automatically when I provided a link. The article also explains what a hub is.

I misread one of your earlier posts, that’s why I got confused. I thought you meant you were burning two ethernet ports on the server (ie. asterisk server), I now realize that i was supposed to have read that as switch, as in ethernet switch. that’s why i was suggesting to put a switch and connect the gateways to the switch so you are still only using one port of the server.

AddPac AP200D very good device. We use in a lot of projects, many years

Wish you’d responded a few weeks ago viman, I went with a couple of Grandstream HT-503s and they’ve been an utter PITA to get working. Spent forever with their tech support and they gave me bad advice. Now a new problem has popped up. Ugh.