Best way to handel 6 incoming (FXO) POTS lines?

We have a customer with 6 analog lines, and would like to come up with the best way (quality, reliability, & cost–in that order) to get those lines in the box. I plan on using all SIP based phones, so I am not worried about a FXS port. We are trying to decide about how we are going to handle faxing (dedicate number or fax detection). That is a different discussion all together, but if there is a great way to do 5 FXO ports, then we will just hard wire the fax to a line. Anyhow, to the real question…

Does running multiple TDM400P cards cause issues? I prefer to not se a case that has full length PCI slots, so I would prefer to stay away from the TDM2400P line. However, if the TDM2400P will allow for the most reliability, then I will reconsider the case. Is there a generic brand that people like? I plan on using Fedora Core 5.


For quality and reliabilty look at Vegastream gateways, and for cost look at Grandstreams new 4 or 8 port gateways, Or for a card based solution have alook at sangomas 12 port cards

two TDM400’s shouldnt be a problem as long as they each get their own IRQ.

Failling that though, Sangoma A200’s rock.