Longest call waiting time in queue (not average time)

Hi, we are looking to find a way to route new calls based on the ‘longest wait time’ in any particular queue. The function QUEUEHOLDTIME using QUEUE_VARIABLES(queuename) only gives us the average hold time, not the current immediate longest hold time in the queue.

We only have the function QUEUECALLS to determine the immediate number of calls in the queue, but we really need time.

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I think you will find QUEUEHOLDTIME doesn’t give you any value for the calls currently in the queue. It gives you an exponential average of those that have completed, so it will tend to the maximum time if the queue has been the same length for an extended period.

The only way of exposing the hold time of the oldest call in the queue, as far as I know, is to get a complete queue listing using CLI or AMI (it is definitely available via AMI, but I’m not sure about CLI).

Note that past performance should not be relied on to predict future performance, e.g. if there was a peak of traffic which is just about to be cleared, the actual hold time for a new call may be negligible, even though the both the above statistics indicate a long wait time.

Also consider using penalties to transfer agents from other work to clear the backlog.

Thanks David

I was afraid it would be something like that. I was hoping someone has tackled this but no luck. We are a call center/dispatch center that has very time sensitive calls. If our queues get too long we send our calls off to other partner call centers. Our queue times fluctuate so fast we can’t use averages, we need to know immediate stats.

If anyone else has any ideas please let me know


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