Long Hold, Then Voicemail - How?

I want to set up an extension that will put the caller on hold, interupting every so often to say “thank you for continuing to hold…” After an extended period of time, I want it to go to Voicemail.

I have no intention to ever actually answer the call. Currently, I have something to the effect of:

[quote]exten => 5,1,Answer()
exten => 5,n,MP3Player([my introduction message])
exten => 5,n,SetMusicOnHold(prank)
exten => 5,n,WaitMusiconHold(30)
exten => 5,n,MP3Player([continue to hold message])
exten => 5,n,WaitMusiconHold(30)
repeat the last two priorities about 50 times
exten => 5,n,Voicemail,5[/quote]

This is sort of a prank. It’s not for a real business or anything.

Is there an easy way to do this without repeating the same two priorities 50 times?

how using a queue? that should do it.

you can also use the Dial command with the m flag - that will present music on hold instead of ringing…we use something similar for one of our after hours support numbers.