Link2VoIP service? Or

Anyone using this service with AsteriskNow box?

If not what are you using?

How can I help you?

I am using ASTERISK on FEDORA 6. I have to say that I am really happy with the price and the service. They are great!

I am running AsteriskNow, so the setup is a little different than running Asterisk. But was it pretty straight forward?

I am running all SIP phones and you?

What do you do for 911 calls?

I am not sure about Asteriskone but with Asterisk it was pretty straight forward. I used the samples they have on its web page.

I have two sip phones but I didn’t install them yet. One is a Polycomm and it looks like is not very simple.

What I am using right now is the Digium card. I have a regular telephone plugged into an FXO port.

I am using this as a second line. In consequence, I never check if I can call 911 neither if that service is available.