Link possible with Panasonic TDE-200 IP/PBX?

Hi, we just buy another building to install all the TI departement. All the R&D team will stay at the old location. At this old loclation, we got a Panasonic Hybrid PBX TDE-200 (only 2 years old). We plan to use Asterisk at the new location, but a link beetwen the 2 are mandatory for internal communication. (we do not whan to dail 10 number + ext number to reach someone at the old location). We will have a Fiber link beetwen the 2 location.

I read the the best way to acheive this it to add a small asterisk server at the old location to make the link with Panasonic. Then this Asterisk will comunicate with the one at the new localtion using Asterisk protocol.

I can’t found information on how to link the Panasonic? What card I need in the Panasonic and/or Asterisk local server to acheive that? Someone here have this Panasonic system?

Thanks for your help.