Limit Outbound not Simultaneous Call per Device Extension?

Dear All,

Since “call-limit” is to limit active call per extension. Is there any way to limit call to outbound only per device extension?
Thank you in advance.

; The “call-limit” configuation option is considered old is replaced
*; by new functionality. To enable callcounters, you use the new *
; “callcounter” setting (for extension states in queue and subscriptions)
; You are encouraged to use the dialplan groupcount functionality
; to enforce call limits instead of using this channel-specific method.
; You can still set limits per device in sip.conf or in a database by using

use func group_count function instead,

does this limit applies to extensions? Is it simultaneous?

When you say extension yo making reference to exten=>xxxx or to a SIP device, because there is confusion in this term

Apology for the confusion. This is the exact case:

  1. Device and User is enabled.
  2. Device extension(2XXX) is set on each ATA

I want to limit per device extension outbound to 1, this is doable. I’ve tested this.
But problem is, transfer to other device extension or user extensions is affected as active call is being counted.

there is arelady a thread open for this case, dont duplicate thread, it is needed to see the kind of transfer and channels involved

Apology for duplicating. I thought my other post is not relevant.

Both attended and blind transfer. For channels involved, any channels.