[HELP] Call limit Explanation


Here is what I would like to be able to do : I have a Aastra 480i phone with 4 line. If i’m on the phone, I would like every other incoming call to go to my voicemail. But I wouls also be able put the present call on hold and the initiate another call ex : go to voicemail.

If I use the call-limit function : I can only have 1 active call. There is no way I could put this call on hold and cinitiate another call. My SIP conf is friend.

Ex: 201 call 202. On 202 I put the call on hold and I can’t make another call.

Would like to have this limit : 1 incomming call and 4 outgoing call max.

How could I fix this.

we did this with a softphone…

it had four lines, and we only registered one line with the server. but we put the outbound proxy in on all four lines.

this way, there could only be one incoming call, but all four lines worked for outbound calls.

this is a dirty way of doing things, and probably only works because we don’t have our server secured as well as we should, but it works.



What version of Asterisk are you running?

1.2.4. I will post the CLI verbose 3 soon.

Here is how I finally did

exten => 202,1,Set(GROUP(${EXTEN})=OUTBOUND_GROUP)
exten => 202,n,GotoIf($[${GROUP_COUNT(OUTBOUND_GROUP@${EXTEN})} > 1]?5)

By adding this to each extension you want to limit the number of call. In this exemple > 1 mean no more than 1 active call.

I’m not sure to understand the group function, anyone could give me more information ?