Bind Extension Call Limit to Trunks/SIP Only?

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Is it possible to bind call limit of outbound to trunks or SIP?
On my setup. I’ve tried to set “call-limit=1” on my extension. It worked, I can process call 1 at a time. The only problem is I cannot transfer my call to other extension.

Please kindly advise.

GROUP() and GROUP_COUNT() may be your friends.

Assuming extension really means peer and the transfers are native attended transfers (but note some devices use attended transfers even for blind ones), when a SIP device does an attended transfer, it appears as a new, unrelated, call to Asterisk, so will trigger any limit on the number of sessions with that peer.

I dont want to limit per trunks. I want to limit per extension.

Since “outgoinglimit” and “incominglimit” was replaced by “call-limit”. Its couting simultaneous calls not per outgoing call.

Do you any alternative?

Extensions are only defined on the B side, and group counts should work very well for those. Did you really mean extension in the Asterisk sense?

Yes. The device extensions in my Asterisk server.
I want to limit outbound of my users to just 1 in order to prevent unwanted floating call.

You can use any criterion to define your group. You do explicitly assign a channel to a group. You could even make it time-dependent or depend on the whether, provided you get get this info into Asterisk (which is not that difficult). The beauty of GROUP is not really the setup, but that you can later get the counts with very little effort and then decide what to do.

I don’t think the OP means extensions in the Asterisk sense, even though they said “yes” to the question, as they said device extensions, and there is no such concept.

I don’t need group to use certain channels only. I want a per extension call limitation.

Apology for confusing you all.
My PBX setup is like this:

  1. PBX Server > ATA > Analog Phone
  2. Device and User is enabled.
  3. ATA is using device SIP extension.
  4. User is using user SIP extension.
  5. I want to limit user extension outbound limit to 1 only but I don’t want it to limit extension transfer regardless if its attended or blind.

I suspect you want to limit calls from devices not from extensions. An extension in Asterisk is something that appears in extensions.conf.

When SIP devices make native attended transfers the call starts out indistinguishable from a second line call from the device, so it is not possible to accept those but reject second line calls.

Quite a few SIP phone products actually use the attended transfer protocol when making blind transfers. They implement an automated half attended transfer.

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This feature that i’m looking for is existing in Asterisk 11. Thank you!

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