Land line only?

I want to first experiment with asterisk using a land line only. Does it handle both incoming and outgoing calls with a landline only? I’m talking about not connecting to the internet at all and not signing up with an online provider.


yes, asterisk will handle land lines just fine. you don’t need an online provider. you’ll need some hardware to connect your analog land line. … ct=TDM400P

Like Gtcleaves said above it will accept and send out phone calls. However asterisk has to be configured for it. You will need a TDM400P (see above link) with atleast one FXO module. (You need one FXO module per “regular” phone line that you connect it to). So if you wanted to connect two “regular” lines to it you would need a TDM400P with two FXO ports. You can get the card at