Asterisk/cell phones/landlines

Hello, I am new. I have a few questions about Asterisk.

Is asterisk able to contact cell phones and landlines? If there are threads on this, I’d love a link to this or info on how to do this.

Asterisk is PBX. Sure, it can. I recommend you to find book “Asterisk: The Future Of Telephony”. Most of answers can be found there.

you can connect your mobile/landline from asterisk by the follwoing ways

  1. using VOIP trunk
  2. PRI E1/T1 for this u need digium digital card
  3. normal pstn analog line for this u need digium analog cards.

download the asterisk future of telephony book and read the first 2 chapters

What’s the charge for using asterisk services.

Asterisk is the tool by which you access other services, it doesn’t provide termination on its own, that comes from other providers. Asterisk gives you the tools to connect to those providers.

asterisk is a opensource

only you have to spend money for servers, telephone bill, ipphones and lancables.