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I have a member in several queues, however when I get calls I do not know what queue is calling him, there is some way for him to appear in the diaplay which queue calls are coming???

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You can modify the callerid of the caller to include that of the queue.

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You can also play different audio announcements to tell the agent which queue the call is from.

From the queues.conf.sample file

; An announcement may be specified which is played for the member as
; soon as they answer a call, typically to indicate to them which queue
; this call should be answered as, so that agents or members who are
; listening to more than one queue can differentiated how they should
; engage the customer
;announce = queue-markq

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Finally, I pass the information to the members through the dialplan with set.
In this way

exten => 102,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CALLERID(num)}, From queue “development”)
same => n,Queue(development,hHkKtTwWxX)

Thank you!!!

Why are we modifying the CNUM with a NAME? That is incorrect as the CNUM should only be the number (unless anonymous) for PSTN calls… This should be manipulating the CNAM not the CNUM. Because the name is where this gets displayed.

Not to mention you’ve now set the ${CALLERID(num)} variable to something that is no longer just the number and would have to be fixed down in the dialplan for using it later.

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