Knocking into a confbridge

Hello there !

I was wondering if it was possible to have a ringing system for confbridge, that a user admin could answer.

I didnt find any docs for this.

Kind regards.

What would be the call flow ?

2 phones : extension “111” and extension “222”

“111” is in a confbridge “1234”
the extension “222” just call “1234”
The user “111” is admin and “222” isnt.

At the moment this work perfectly the confbridge working, but i want to “222” to wait an answer from “111” to join the confbridge

Is it a feature i can setup with confbridge.conf?

There is not such featue, you can tweak it using local channel and the option admin_toggle_conference_lock - This action allows an Admin to toggle locking and unlocking the conference. Non admins can not use this action even if it is in their menu.

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