Keep ringing, untill there is someone in Confbridge

Hey, i have now this conference dialplan, but i dont like the while loop, there mus tbe another way? Below , 7000 is the “marked user” and i have video set on “first_marked”

In the “default_user” profile, i already set this : “wait_marked=yes” , but that doesnt help…

Whoever calls to 1234 needs to hear the ringtone, until i do an originate to 7000 and he is in the confbridge…

How can i make this better?

exten => 1234,1,Ringing()
 same => n,Originate(PJSIP/7000,exten,default,710,1,,aC(ulaw,h264))
 same => n,Set(i=1)
 same => n,While($[${i} < 60])
 same => n,NoOp(Confbridge number of participants : ${CONFBRIDGE_INFO(parties,1)})
 same => n,GotoIf($["${CONFBRIDGE_INFO(parties,1)}" >= "1"]?startconf) 
 same => n,Wait(1) 
 same => n,Set(i=$[${i} + 1]
 same => n,EndWhile()
 same => n(startconf),ConfBridge(1,myconferenceroom,default_user) 
 same => n,Hangup()

I alsos ee this in the profile options, if i define it to “no” , it keeps ringing, but how can i trigger it to Yes when 7000 answered?


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