ConfBridge Help!


I am new here. Please forgive me if this has been asked before or answered; I just couldn’t find anything related to this anywhere. Basically, what I need to accomplish is the following:

I am trying to figure out how I can create a custom conference bridge. Basically, what I need, is to be able to have a conference that when people dial in, it plays a message and then it asks them for one of three PIN access codes: Administrator, User, and Attendant (used to check the number of listeners connected to the conference). The sequence would follow like this, after they put each PIN:

Administrator: Plays a message and connects to the conference as the main speaker and administrator for the conference.

User: Plays a message asking to provide the number of listeners at the location. Once the user presses the number of listeners, a message would play and then they would get connected to the conference.

Attendant: Plays a message stating that they have entered the Attendant PIN and proceeds to say the sum of all in attendance; number is gathered from adding the “numbers of listeners at each location”. Then, it plays the conference for about 10 seconds and disconnects the call.

Please, any help will be greatly appreciated. I am completely stuck and I just need some guidance. I have read all the documentation for ConfBridge, so I know this can be done. I just don’t know where to put the settings and for the system to let me select that bridge as a valid “conference” destination. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Oh yeah, I am running FreePBX with Asterisk 11.8.1.