Confbridge add users

Dear all,

i’m using Confbridge and it works very well.

I have only one question about “dinamically adding users” when the admin is already in conference.
I have configured in confbridge.conf: 9=dialplan_exec(addcaller,10,1). I have not configured static room numbers but they are automically generated so when i digit 9 the dialplan doesn’t know in which room i am.

Is there any way to do something like 9=dialplan_exec(addcaller,,1) or something else that allows the system to know the conference room that has originated the exec?

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can you please share how to configure Conference call using confbridge.

If yo usample configuration please share me

If you help in this ,It will be thank god,because i am facing trouble to configure.

Hi John thanks for replying

Are you having working conference call file with you.

If you have please share with us.

Yes I have Confbridge working.

I have shared links on how to configure it in my prior post.

Hi John,

Ya your right but I have done the changes in Confbridge.conf & Extensions.conf based on the URL which you shared,but its not working.

So that only we ave asked you if you have sample confbridge files it will be very helpfull for us.

Hi John,

ERROR[10260][C-000015aa]: pbx_functions.c:697 ast_func_write: Function CONFBRIDGE not registered i am facing this error
please help me in this

Confbridge is an Application, not a function. Perhaps you are calling it wrong.

can you please share your sample confbridge codes

please sharwe us to dial plan for confbridge

exten => s,1,NoOP()
same => n,Answer()
same => n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,admin)=yes)
same => n,ConfBridge(${ARG1})
same => n,Hangup()

thanks a lot john .

thanks a lot very much for sharing.

Above mentioned is to placed in extension.conf

in Confbridge conf ?

Yes that would be in extensions.conf

in confbridge.conf what i need to add in ?

Hi ambiorixg12,

please help me out int his

I need to configure conference call

what are the codes need to be added

I have gone through internet and also john given some ideas but i cant .

can you please share me the working code.

I have been reading all the posts and your main issue is that you haven’t stop to read the resources

If I post a code and you don’t have no idea how things work at the end you will be more confused

You really need to attempt to help yourself here. This is a community support forum, not a ‘community does your job for you’ forum.

Tell us what isn’t working, Show us your code, Show us your console output, Try and troubleshoot the problem.

Hi John,




I have trying extension its telling 404 error

603 error occured

Hi John,

I understood what your telling,but i am new to asterisk and also i have not done any certification too.

Where on the phone context do you trigger your gosub ?, that why I dont suggest copy and paste codes until you fully understand what it is does

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your support and inspirations of your words

finally call transfer is working for me