Zaptel drive w/dahdi channel

I am new to Asterisk, I had downloaded, compiled and installed Asterisk on CentOS 4.8. I have 2 sip softphones working (xlite). I installed a Wildcard TDM400p w/2 FXO ports, following instructions for downloading Asterisk it was recommended that I download and compile Zaptel drivers, so I did so. I then realized while installing the wctdm that asterisk had changed the Zapata channels to dahdi channels. I guess my question is (since it doesn’t work as configured even though the ztcfg shows the card is good w/ 2 channels to configure) does the chan_dahdi.conf file work with the Zaptel drivers or do I have to download and install dahdi drivers?

I think you would need to install dahdi drivers.
Why don’t you go for dahdi-complete-linux- install?
That would get you going if TDM400p wildcard.