# Key configuration


Im kinda new to the asterisk, Im using Grandstream Budge Tone-100 phones and it works great with asterisk, I want the phone to dial # key like any other number, however, when ever I dial it, it keeps going to hanging up, some reason asterisk does not dial # key like it does 1-9 or *, I have to use #11 to dial in to our intercom system so we can make announcements through out the company, What do I need to do for asterisk to dial #11? Im using Valcom V-2924 which is hooked up directly to the TDM-2400 card.

I.m not 100 % sure about the # key in every instance… but I know that coming out of voice mail the # key is used for the hang up function. Possibly you need to use * for the function you are looking for.

Basically, it has to dial out #11, thats the only dial the intercom system can handle, it basically need to call #11 but as soon as you hit pound after a nother key, it hangs up…I need to let asterisk know that it is for dialing out…or that it is a tone.

you probably don’t have configured pattern appropriately in your context.

_XXX pattern will not allow you to dial # or *, it will hangup if there is no i defined.

following will allow you to dial # followed by two digits:

check this: voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … n+Patterns

and this: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … extensions

Awsome, yes, thats where I was headed, I just need to figure out what come after _#…