Pressing pound (#) produces a busy tone..... help

I have asterisk 1.2.4. No matter what I do with dialing an option on my phone, and if it includes it pressing pound, produces a busy tone.

*97 to go into voicemail. Press 3 to record my name. Press pound at the end of reciting my name to save it produces a busy tone.

Press # alone to hear my directory… busy tone.

Has anyone else that has experienced this issue have a solution?



That almost sounds like a voip phone issue.

In some phones, the # key can be considered an “end of dialing” key. It works a lot like a “send” button on a cell phone.

Check you phone’s programming. Look for an option that would convert the # key to an end of dialing key. You can probably change it’s function to be just a DTMF key.

I don’t think that is the problem. Because i can configure my Sipura back to callcentrics settings and the pound key works when it is needed

Sipura devices have a DTMFTx setting.

Have a look at that. It has a lot of settings, like inband, INFO (sending DTMF in INFO sip messages) etc…

BTW, which device are you using, (SPA-3000? SPA-841?) and could you post your sip.conf file?

Also, could you watch the CLI> screen and post what you see when you press the # key?