Dialing 9 or 0 to get a tone from Asterisk for Outbound Call

Hi All,

Like with the key systems, is it possible to setup asterisk so that one can dial 9 or 0, get a tone and make bound calls as speciafied by one’s dial plan. A link or config examples on how to do this will be appreciable.

I am currently running Asterisk 1.4.2 with zaptel 1.4.0 and two (2) Digium TDM04B cards and working fine.


You can dial 9 to get a specific line but you won’t hear the dial tone change or beep or whatever like in a key system. With voip the dial tone is provided by the phone, not the pbx. Most voip phones do not send anything to asterisk until you press the “dial” button or the digit timeout in the phone has expired. Then it sends the whole string to Asterisk. Your dialplan in Asterisk decodes it and proceeds.

You can use 9 or 0 to invoke DISA(), and in DISA context do whatever you want for outbound. (Even point DISA to your existing outbound context.)