Kernel upgrade CentOS

I have been working on a voice quality problem and it has been suggested that I need to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.13 or newer.

You can’t upgrade CentOS beyond 2.6.9 using yum. Most of the major distros are not at kernel rev 2.6.13 yet. How are other digium users handling this. What distro are you using and how are you handling kernel upgrades?

I have been researching upgrading CentOS to a vanilla kernel from and I can’t find a good how to.

Has anyone succesfully upgraded their CentOS kernel to a vanilla version? If not how are you dealing with the voice quality issues related to the ztdummy module and the poor real time clock in pre 2.6.13 kernels?

Here’s a little more info

CentOS 4.3 upgraded to 4.4
asterisk 1.2.13
libpri 1.2.4
zaptel 1.2.10
100% voip system - no digium hardware
voipstreet providing termination



i found this easy read article

im using the config file and kernel version digium uses in their asterisknow product in hopes of better performance.

I’m using Fedora Core 5 and upgraded to kernel 2.6.18-1.2200 via yum and all is well with Asterisk.