Help converting .conf to the newer asterisk

I am using I believe its version 1.2.13 and I need to upgrade to version that supports fedora linux ver 6. Unless someone has instructions on how to install 1.2.13 on a fedora 6 core. The problem is all the variable changes that are not compatible with the version I am using going to the newest version. I have nearly 300 files that I would need to convert, and some are very large and complex routines. Can anyone assist? Please reply with some assistance. would be great if I could just stay at the version 1.2.13 and install it on a fedora 6 box.

Thank you for your assistance.


FC6 has many issues with asterisk. Try installing it on CentOS 5. CentOS 5 is RHEL without paying for it. There are many more updates for it and in my eyes it is more secure. With FC you are beta testing for RHEL and they seem to create new versions rather fast. Once a new version comes out the old ones don’t get update often enough.

Thank you for the reply, at this time I am unable to change my os as I am using a hosting provider leasing a dedicated server, and the company does not support anything lower than FC6.

However is all Asterisk having problems loading in FC6? And do you think the verision I am using now will at some point install properly in FC6? If so that will be awesome… else I will have a very long and tough road rebuilding my .conf files from the start.

See if they will give you CentOS ? If your hosting provider only allows you to use FC6 and up I would look for another host.

After further investigation, I found that my provide does in fact offer the centos offering… I installed the centof 4 and it worked great.

Thanks for the advise!!!


Have a look at CentOS plus. You want to have the latest updates (CentOS5 has been released…).
Have a look at: