Kernel instability zaptel >1.2.12 TDM400P REV I (tdm21b)

CentOS 4.4 with latest kernel 2.6.9-42.0.10.EL (kernel version drop-back has no effect) single cpu P4, tried two different motherboards (power supplies, etc., all but the disk and tdm21b were changed out).

zaptel with the transcoder options is causing kernel instability when wctdm is loaded on the tdm21b.

I posted earlier this weekend with some errors:

If I build and install zaptel-1.2.15(or 14,13), then build asterisk-1.2.16, the problem persists. If I build and install zaptel-1.2.12 after building asterisk-1.2.16 it will run, with the complaint:
codec_zap.c: No Zaptel transcoder support!
but it will run.

I know mix n’ match isn’t a great idea. but it is possible to run a secure version of asterisk with the tdm21b this way (a few hours of uptime so far). This is a necessity, and a real problem imo, as it needs to be secure.

I have a new tdm21b ordered for a customer. I could test it but I would prefer to leave it untampered for delivery, unless you folks think that test is important. Because the existing tdm21b works just fine with earlier versions of zaptel, I am not suspecting the board too much. There is no history of issues or flaky-ness otherwise. I put a lot of hours into identifying a combination that works.

Other symptoms include: simple calculations such as mrtg can’t compute. Using simple grep with pipe to awk went awry. Just plain unstable with the newer modules loaded. Asterisk will start-up about 50-60% of the time, drops core occasionally. It acted like bad memory or other hardware issue.

I had forgotten I abandoned an earlier (1.2.13) zaptel release for similar reasons. When I dropped back a version in my build directory (zaptel 1.2.15 to 1.2.14, 1.2.13) and the trouble persisted I thought “hardware”, kind of burned myself. (ha ha)

With the newer zaptel releases, transcode is loaded by asterisk start-up onto the zaptel module (piggybacking with wctdm). zttranscode.ko is not built in zaptel-1.2.12.

Thanks for any info or suggestions, Andy

In case no one else noticed, you can’t (I couldn’t) build the latest asterisk(s) without zaptel with the transcoder support. Which is why I build the latest of both zap and *, then reinstall zap 1.2.12 after. it is working - so far… - and better than the security issue anyway, I hope.