Ivrrecording.wav not the same as aa_1.wav

This stumped me for 3 days. I recorded the system attendant message, then tested it. Asterisk would answer the phone but never play anything. The menu worked but again, no message (also it hangs up way too quickly on the user)

I noted that the file sizes were very different between what asterisk recorded and what it put under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom

aa_1.wav - 423298 bytes
ivrrecording.wav - 79244 bytes.

I found that if I copied ivrrecording OVER aa_1.wav and restarted asterisk that it would work!

I’ve looked everywhere into trying to find this (even beat up a defenseless analog phone) now I’m so close. Does anyone know this answer? Could it be mpg123?

Thanks so much in advance.


Are you using asterisk@home?

Nope. Just plain ol’ Asterisk with AMP.