[HELP] Asterisk@Home IVR and wave playback problems


After upgrading to Asterisk@Home 2.8 from 1.4 I began having problems with playback of any recorded voice messages. Asterisk announcements sound much slower than usual and IVR voice messages are not audible at all (only occasional crackling and distance resemblance of the original message). I cannot record a decent voice recording either.

Immediately I thought there could be performance problem such as CPU, lack of memory or slow hard drive.

So far I have eliminated all of these problems:

  • CPU Utilization does not get over 8% when message is played or call is made.
  • There is plenty of ram to spare (512Mb+)
  • HDD is fragmented and fast
  • There should be no other processes competing for resources
  • Bandwidth is absolutely not an issue

Most interestingly ALL voice calls even with transcoding are EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR. Old Asterisk@Home 1.4 has no such problems what so ever. Asterisk@Home 2.2 had the same problem though.

So far I have exhausted all my ideas on what this problem could be. Any help would be greately appreciated on the issue.


I am having the same problem - or at least similar.

Voicemail playback - both the Asterisk Voices and recordings are robotic and cut in and out. It can start out Ok then goes to rubbish.

Has there been any update to this? Right now I have an IVR platform that is pure SIP. Sometimes the playback of audio prompts will get choppy and almost robotic sounding. It seems to be a sporadic issue. The machine it’s on is a 3.2ghz 1gb ram machine. Kernel is 2.6 and Im running the latest versions of asterisk/zaptel (1.4.0-beta3)

I currently do not have any digium hardware on it due to it being straight SIP.

I have been doing researching and checking into possible timing issues. I have ztdummy loaded, but not sure how this will hold up in a production evironment. Can anyone shed some light on why this may be happening?